Goldman Sachs Interview Experience (off-campus)

About the Company:

Application Process:

Assessment 1: Aptitude Test

  • Numerical Computations — 8 questions
    Difficulty: Medium-Hard
    Topics: Mathematical questions based on Algebra, Percentage, Probability, Ratio, and Proportion, Permutation and Combination, Profit and Loss, etc.
  • Numerical Reasoning — 12 questions
    Difficulty: Medium
    Topics: Time and Work, Speed and Distance, Alphanumeric Series, Odd One Out, Puzzles, Insert the Missing Number, etc.
  • Comprehension — 10 questions
    Difficulty: Easy
    Topics: 2 passages with 5 questions each
  • Abstract Reasoning — 12 questions
    Difficulty: Medium
    Topics: Non-verbal Analogy, Cubes, Counting number of Triangles, Pattern Solving, etc.
  • Diagrammatic Reasoning — 12 questions
    Difficulty: Easy-Medium
    Topics: Paper folding/cutting, Images with partial values, Missing Values, Flowchart, Circuit Diagram, Moving Cubes, etc.
  • Logical Reasoning — 12 questions
    Difficulty: Easy-Medium
    Topics: Situations, Puzzles, Data Interpretation, Direction Sense, Seating, Data Arrangement, Coding-Decoding, etc.

Assessment 2: Technical Test

  • Coding — 2 programming questions (30 mins)
    Difficulty: Medium
    Topics: Arrays, Graph
  • Computer Science — 7 MCQs (20 mins)
    Difficulty: Easy-Medium
    Topics: OS, OOPs, DSA (primarily output questions)
  • Quantitative Aptitude— 8 MCQs (25 mins)
    Difficulty: Medium-Hard
    Topics: Math-related (similar to CAT Aptitude questions)
  • Advanced Programming — 1 programming question (45 mins)
    Difficulty: Hard
    Topics: Binary Tree & Array-based
  • Subjective — 2 question (15 mins)
    Difficulty: Easy
    Topics: HR/situational(essay-type) questions with a 200-word limit each.

Assessment 3: Interviews


Helpful Suggestions:

  • Be thorough with your Resume: Devote sufficient time in building your resume and make sure you can backup whatever you put on it— don't try to overachieve! It creates an unfavorable impact when you don’t have a comprehensive grasp of something mentioned on your resume. Prepare well for questions related to your projects.
  • Think Aloud: Communication is key! Keep interacting with the interviewer about the approach you are thinking of. Walk them through your thoughts. If you can’t come up with any solutions, don’t freeze, simply request the interviewer to nudge you in the correct direction.
  • Do your research: Do a comprehensive study about the company and prepare basic points that you can use for frequently asked behavioral questions beforehand. [“Why do you want to work with us?”, “Why should we hire you?”, etc.] Use the question “Do you have any questions for me?” as an opportunity to show your interest in the job and develop a bond with the interviewer.
  • Quote from real-life situations: Whenever presented with the opportunity, give references to real-life scenarios that you have come across to establish your credibility and showcase your passion.

Useful resources:




Software Developer || Technical Content Writer || Freelancer || Artist

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Anushka Verma

Anushka Verma

Software Developer || Technical Content Writer || Freelancer || Artist

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