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About the Company

Application Process

The entire process was carried out within a week (the first week of September) and comprised of 4 stages. Two profiles were offered — DEV (Software Developer) & CS (Technical Analyst).

  • Stage 1: Academic criteria
  • Stage 2: Role-specific Test
  • Stage 3: Technical Interview
  • Stage 4: ION Day

Academic Criteria

Students with a basic cut-off of around 60–65% throughout with no backlogs were considered and interested candidates were required to fill a form with basic details and preferred profile.

Computer-Based Online Recruitment Test (AMCAT)

In the first round, all the shortlisted candidates (based on profile) were supposed to undergo the AMCAT test. This test consisted of English, Quantitative Ability, Logical Ability, and Programming sections. The sections appeared in a fixed order with a specific time limit for each. All questions were to be answered mandatorily i.e. skipping a question was not allowed. Personally, I believed this test was of easy-medium difficulty level.

Technical interview

Platform: Microsoft Teams [virtual]
Duration: 60–75 minutes
No. of Interviewers: 1


The technical interview round results were shared the next day with 25 students (19 DEV) qualifying to the next stage — ION DAY, which was scheduled to be held the following day. The ION day commenced with a half an hour induction presentation/pre-placement talk at around 8 in the morning. Since it was a pool campus recruitment, candidates from another college were also a part of the drive.


A little bit of nervousness started pounding in as there was no response from the company’s side for the next couple of days. The results were announced three-four days later via the TPO of the college. Only 3 students were selected from my college with only 1 for the DEV profile (ME! :D) and 2 for the CS profile. After finding out the results, for a moment there, I was awestruck and couldn’t respond to it. I was humbled and overwhelmed at the same time! I can surely say that it was a great experience with a lot of positives — something I will cherish for the rest of my life!


  • Prepare your resume well: Thoroughly go over your resume, do not exaggerate if you can’t cover it up!
  • Think aloud: Keep interacting with the interviewer about the approach you are thinking of.
  • Do your research: Read about the company and prepare basic points you can use for questions like, “Why do you want to work with us?”
  • Quote from real-life situations: Whenever presented with the opportunity, give references to real-life scenarios that you have come across to establish your credibility.
  • Acquaint yourself with OOPs and SDLC concepts: The technical interview is primarily based on OOPs (with real-life implementations)
  • Solve a few puzzles: If time permits, brush over common puzzles/riddles.



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Anushka Verma


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